Legacy of Trust




Come in for a free consultation, advise who you wish to act as your Executor &/or Alternate, Guardians for minor children, how you wish your estate to be distributed, special information as to burial or cremation and advise where your Will is to be kept after your execution.

Why is important to do a Will in this country?

Should you neglect to appoint someone to look after winding up your affairs, the government is automatically in control of your estate.

A common mistake is to think that if you own your house and bank accounts in joint tenancy that a Will isn’t necessary.

The question is: If you died in a common disaster, is only your spouse’s family to benefit? Do you want the government in control?

In the absence of a Will that is likely what would happen. Further, if you have minor children, your Will is the mechanism that appoints a guardian. Without the Will, the children may go to foster care.

How do I get started?
Call to make an appointment. It’s that easy. At your initial consultation, I will guide you as to what information you need specific to your circumstance in order to finalize your Will.

Power of Attorney

Allows for a person you trust to manage your real estate and financial affairs in your place should you become incapacitated due to mental or physical problems or in the event or you absence.

Representation Agreement

Gives broader powers than the Power of Attorney and allows your appointed representative to make personal and health care decision for you.

Advance Directive

Replaces the old Living Will. This document advises those close to you, that in the event should you become incapacitated that you wish certain procedures (Cardiac Resuscitation) withheld or withdrawn.